Land your first job
as a full stack developer
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Our mission is:
Get more women and underrepresented talent into tech roles, train them, and prepare them for the job market. ​

Frequently Asked Questions - No question is stupid!

We focus on women, and diverse talent, which first and foremost makes our participants feel more comfortable and confident while learning. They feel comfortable asking questions, our mentality is – There are no stupid questions! 

We focus on learning while getting practical experience, that is why we partner with companies that allow our students to get experience to work on a real project in scrum teams, our students get to the job market with 6 months of experience.

You do not have to have prior knowledge in coding, though it is an advantage.

We do not take anyone to our Bootcamp we do not think is a fit for the program and have high chances of getting a job.

We are looking for students with analytical skills, the ability to learn independently, and the commitment to do what it take to succeed and work in software development.

If you have not found a job, it means we failed, and our goal is to help more women and underrepresented talent to get into the tech industry.

Our screening process assesses your ability to learn independently and whether you are equipped with the right attitude and thinking to succeed.

We teach Javascript,

But take into account that the languages are not the important thing to ask. We teach our students how to think of problems and come with solutions, how to learn independently.

So our students can pick up any programming language.

Technology changes rapidly, and the ability to learn and evolve is more important than knowing a specific language or tools that are relevant today but may be obsolete tomorrow.

Our goal is to help our students get a job! And we will do everything needed to support you.

It starts with our instructor who is there for you and willing to answer any questions. You will have mentors also that are there for you to give you a hand and encourage you. Our training will also give you the tools you need in order to build your resume, LinkedIn profile and get prepared for interviews.

We also bring guest speakers to speak about popular topics such as interview process, building your personal brand, and more.

We are fully committed to your success!

Our program is fully virtual, as long as you have an internet connection, a computer, and the motivation to succeed, you are welcome to join!

Approximately 20 students.

We want to make sure every one of our students is getting the attention they need and is able to successfully complete the program and find a job.

The tentative schedule is: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 am to 2:45 pm EST (beyond those hours we will provide offline support as needed)

The projects vary depending on the companies we are collaborating with.

You will work on a real project for a real company, so you can get real experience under your belt.

We do not mess with toy projects, you get the real thing.

Your success depends on what you are willing to do in order to succeed.

Other than the formal training hours, you will have work to do, whether it is practicing material learned, or working on the project.

The more you put into the Bootcamp, the more you gain out of it.

The absolute minimum time you should expect to invest is 20 hours per week.

Absolutely! Fill your information in the Contact Us form, and we will be happy to speak with you and answer all your questions.