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Our mission is:
Get more women and underrepresented talent into tech roles, train them, and prepare them for the job market. ​



A personal mentor that is an experienced software engineer in the industry



Project with an industry-leading company

Present their work in front of the class and your company




Get practical experience by working in teams as in real mini-startup

Meet deadlines and requirements while practicing agile methodologies

Use latest most popular dev tooling



 Interview deep preparations and simulations

Career coach for personal branding, resume writing, and LinkedIn profile

Guest lectures from industry experts about topics like interviewing, LinkedIn, project management etc.



Learn full-stack JS from the best instructors

Advanced topics such as: CI, Storybook, Cloud deployment and lot’s of fun



Shahar Grauman

Dev Training Expert

An expert lecturer for R&D departments, coach and mentor. An experienced R&D programmer and manager, consulting to R&D teams, and owns my special teaching programming, with which hundreds of my students found their first positions :).

Limor Bergman

Mentor & Engineering Leadership Expert

Over 20 years in the tech industry as an engineering leader. My passion is helping women succeed in the tech industry. To do this, I’ve focused on mentoring engineering managers for the past four years.

Shahar Grauman

Dev Training Expert

An expert lecturer for R&D departments, coach and mentor. An experienced R&D programmer and manager, consulting to R&D teams, and owns my special teaching programming, with which hundreds of my students found their first positions :).

Limor Bergman

Mentor & Engineering Leadership Expert

Over 20 years in the tech industry as an engineering leader.
My passion is helping women succeed in the tech industry. To do this, I’ve focused on mentoring engineering managers for the past four years.

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JAN 7 2022


Our journey starts here when we’re going to learn the Hyper Text Markup Language which is what the browser uses to display the website content for you, such as texts, headlines, images, videos and more. It’s a good starting point for newcomers since HTML is quite simple to understand and play with. So while we’re going to use HTML elements to build our first website, we’re also going to get to know our brother that you haven’t known you have: the browser💻And what a 🎁 do I have for you

Whenever you find yourself impressed by some website design, it’s because of the Cascading Style Sheet which is how the browser takes those aforementioned HTML elements and applies styles on them, such as fonts, colors, orientation and so forth.
Take for example the very text you’re reading right now: The font and size we chose, its color, the pretty box in which it lies, the nice animation that revealed the text when you clicked the title. All of this and much more is handled via CSS.
Your imagination will sky high when we’ll learn together how to do magics.

So not only will we build our first website, we’re going to also style it using CSS🌈

Using HTML and CSS is a must in order to display content to the users, but the website is static. We only display things, meaning we need to add user interaction features like clicking a ‘save’ button or submitting some form, maybe showing nice animations like popup window with contact-us form, or revealing a region upon user interaction in the page or hide the filled contact-us form and fade it away… you name it! For all of this magic to happen – JavaScript (JS) will be there.
JS is the browser’s language with which we communicate with the browser like we communicate with each other using English. And as such – we can do a lot, lot more!
Actually – we can do anything we can imagine and from now on, JS will be our second spoken language, right after English😃

So, if HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the 3 pillars of ANY website out there, then React is our bulldozer: We can craft our websites faster than ever before!
You might have visited a decent amount of websites without even knowing (or caring right until just now😊) that they were built using React. Made by Facebook, React is #1 JS framework as of today, and we’re gonna love it and its huge ecosystem that was built around it since its birth. You’ll be amazed by the things we’ll accomplish from now on! 💪

OK, so up until now we can manifest our visions and build our magnificent websites, but where is all the data coming from? Have you ever thought about where that post you’ve been reading came from? Or when you sign up to some website – where your data is stored? When you’re being shown your orders – where your data came from?
This is where the database is coming into play. This is the place we house our data. For over 40 years now, Structured Query Language has been the leading approach and a robust way of keeping, maintaining and retrieving the data📝
There are many implementations of SQL databases such as IBM’s DB2, Microsoft SQL Server or the popular Oracle MySql, but over the past decade, NoSQL approach, such as MongoDB, Couchbase and others, gained popularity as well, because we needed another way of storing our data. Both approaches can live together, so this is the part when we’ll deep dive into the database realm.

Node is a revolutionary JS framework for (mostly) handling server logic. The term Client-Server might not tell you much right now, but as a Full Stack developer this term is at the core of the meaning “Full Stack”.  We can divide web development to before and after Node emerged back in 2009. Simply put: Until then, JavaScript could ‘live’ only in browsers, but Node enables JavaScript to be used also on the server side. This alone had a huge impact on web development🌎

Along the way of our mutual journey, we’re going to master a variety of useful tools, some of them are a must in our day-to-day work such as GitHub, Storybook, Slack, Cloud and much more, as well as deep topics like Design Patterns and Algorithms.
One thing is for sure – you’re going to sit at the end of your chair from the moment we start

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    Maya Yahalom

    Shahar brought fresh energy and a positive attitude, and he constantly motivated the rest of the class and me. He did not just come to teach. He came to support us and help us succeed. I never missed a lecture, even if I was not feeling well, I came to Shahar’s classes, I would not miss those as it was so valuable. I could not get that knowledge anywhere else. Shahar gave everything he had, and he answered every question to anyone according to their level. We had students with different backgrounds and knowledge. Shahar approached everyone at their level and supported everyone. The course was intense and very professional. There was homework to do, and I invested a lot of hours at home. I graduated with practical tools and knowledge that allowed me to find a job. Tips for anyone considering taking a course with Shahar Understand it is not just the course hours. There is a lot of internal work, not just about the course material but also your motivation.

    Gal Barak From the Navy to Software Development

    It was the first time I learned how to write code professionally and seriously. Shahar taught me how to write code well and was very accessible to any questions I had.
    My advice to anyone considering this course is that you have to make an effort and invest in learning, not just the course curriculum. Always go the extra mile, expand on the course homework, learn new things. Experience in writing code and uploading it to Github. In this kind of job, learning is infinite, and there are always new things to learn. Therefore, the course homework is essential. Treat it seriously and do them right. Expand and add more features on top of the homework assigned during the course. Document your code and commit everything to your Github portfolio.

    Rotem Richter From a kosher supervisor to a Full-stack web developer

    I started from ground zero. I studied in a yeshiva (a Jewish educational institution that focuses on Tora and Talmud studies). I did not know English and was working as a Kosher Supervisor. Shahar was always asking what was unclear, explained things again until I got it. Eventually, I graduated from this training with distinction. Shahar explained things exceptionally well, and he taught the course material fascinatingly and interestingly. Shahar taught me how to learn, look at problems, and solve a problem. Once you adopt the kind of thinking Shahar teaches, you can learn any syntax and programming language. Shahar is very passionate about what he does. He is very attentive to his students and understands what the students need, allowing him to repeat unclear things. Shahar adapted his teaching level and made every student feel good no matter their level. Thanks to Shahar, I could succeed, find a job, develop myself into other areas, and stay in software development!

    Yom-Tov Beniaminov From security guard to a .NET software engineer

    Shahar came is a lot of experience and a way to see things that I can see today after several years as a software engineer He explained the material in a very tangible way and knew how to teach the material very practically. He had a lot of knowledge and knew to answer any question we had. Shahar taught us practical principles that will be useful for us on a day-to-day job. It took me a while to find a job, it was not easy. I was able to get to interviews and eventually found a job because the interviewer liked me. The interviewer liked the fact that I can learn things independently and a lot is thanks to what Shahar taught me in the course. My advice to anyone who is looking for a job, document, write code samples and put them in Github. Write code, not just read manuals, get some experience by practicing writing code and publishing it.

    Dotan Talitman From a Musician to a Software Development Team Lead

    Shahar has a unique blend of teaching at the highest level while keeping it exciting and concise. Shahar masters the material in a way I have never seen with others. He had an answer to any question we had, and he was always calm, kind, patient, and to the point. Shahar taught me how to think outside the box and gave me much more than the official curriculum promised. At the end of each day, he gave us interview questions to practice, and he challenged us to think creatively. You cannot learn everything during a six-month training, no matter how good and comprehensive it is. Shahar gave me the tools to learn. It is not just about teaching the course material; it is about thinking about problems and understanding how the software works from the compiler to design patterns. eview Text